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Please Note:  Be aware that any computer system, network, or component can fail, go down, break, or become damaged at any time! Any man made device or system is not perfect and will never be perfect.  Paul's Quantum Mechanics recommends that you:



Paul's Quantum Mechanics does not agree to hold responsibility or grant compensation to computer users for any and all loss or damage of any data.  It is the sole responsibility of the computer user to have taken the appropriate back-up measures before Paul's Quantum Mechanics has serviced any computer, network, or component.

Service Guarantee:

Paul's Quantum Mechanics only guarantees its "service installations" for 30 days.  The service guarantees doe not cover or include the cost of any hardware component, delivery, or shipping charges.  This is a literal a service installation guarantee covering only the service installations of internal and external hardware.

Computer systems do not come with money back guarantee; however, service installations will be conducted on a computer system that is within the first 30 days of purchase from Paul's Quantum Mechanics.  Paul's Quantum Mechanics will provide service installation to "like new" condition at no charge within the first 30 days from the purchase date on the sales receipt.  Delivery and shipping charges will apply.


Paul's Quantum Mechanics does not offer any returns on services or purchased merchandise.  If a new product is purchased, and proves to be defective, the manufacture's warranty terms may apply.  Normal rates apply to determine that the product is defective.

Manufacturer Warranties:

Most manufacturers offer a standard warranty against defects of their products.  Such warranties typically cover the product for an estimated 30 days from the date that Paul's Quantum Mechanics first purchased the item.  If a product proves to be defective during the manufacture's covered warranty period, call and I will arrange to repair, service, or replace your product according to the manufacturer's terms.  Delivery and shipping charges will apply.


Paul's Quantum Mechanics strives to complete the repair of your equipment within 24 hours of receiving it.  All repairs and service work come with a 30 day "service installation" warranty from the date on the receipt.  The service installation warranty covers the "service installation charges" to the equipment, and does not include any hardware warranty on the components used or serviced.


All networking services have a “thirty-day” service warranty.  When a network is created or serviced, it is in 100% proper working condition at the time Paul's Quantum Mechanics completed the work.  If any hardware or serviced part of a PC network that Paul's Quantum Mechanics has created errors, a proper networking diagnostic service will need to be conducted.  Normal rates will apply. If the error is a result with a service from Paul’s Quantum Mechanics had administered within the “thirty-day” service warranty period, no charge will result.  If the error is not a direct result from services that Paul's Quantum Mechanics has administered, normal rates to fix the errors will apply.


Please Note:  If you have any questions, or concerns about the above mention warranty descriptions, call and Paul's Quantum Mechanics will explain in more detail.


Thank You!

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